Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Films, Trouts and Goats

It’s been a long time since I’ve written; too long. What can I say; it’s the trout’s fault!

It’s been a great few months!  I worked the Colorado Women’s Fly Fishers booth at the Denver Fly Fishing Show and met a tone of awesome folks including the cool dudes from Cheeky Fly Fishing, Allen Fly Fishing, and Mr. Hopper Juan himself, Juan Ramirez. I also hit up the International Sportsmen Show; always a ton of people with interesting stuff that makes me wish I had an endless bank account & endless amounts of time! Next on the docket is the F3T show. Other exciting news is that I am now part of the Chasing Tail Media- a great group sharing the passion & experiences of fly fishing through film & photography.

Of course, I’ve been on the river a handful of times. Though I didn’t technically catch anything (I hooked ‘em, but didn’t hand ‘em), fishing with my Dad & big Brother on the Crooked River over Christmas was a serious highlight. I even got a new Lamson Konic reel for Christmas & set it up with some wicked line from Blue Halo Gear.   

A short while later I was able to break in the reel & line during a Bluebird day with a temp high of 18 on a monstrous 23 ½ inch brown trout. Biggest fish of my life & a month later I’m still on Cloud 9 because of that guy. Nothing like catching a Colorado Water Pig with shiny blue cheeks & fins almost as big as my hands! A few weeks later, I caught my first cutthroat as well. A cuttie has been on my list since day 1 & 8 months later…..FINALLY! 

Winter fishing has proven to be some serious fun. It’s tough, the fish are picky, the temps are brutal, but the rewards far outweigh the downsides.  I have layers upon layers & came to the terms that looking like a marshmallow & waddling like a penguin is okay….the fish don’t care!  I also purchased some Goat Head Sole Spikes & couldn’t be happier. It’s icy out there & rubber soles just don’t provide the traction you really need.  I’ve fished with the Goats on my boots on the Crooked River, Colorado River, S Platte, and even the slicker-than-snot Blue River.  You can actually feel the traction & grabbing of the spikes.  It’s like having 4x4 on my feet!

Because there’s lots of winter fishing left to do & the guys over at Goat Head & I both want you to enjoy it without failing on your can, I have a set of Goat Head Sole Spikes to give away! Tell me why (on my blog or over at Rods, Reels & Heels) you need them & one random winner will be chosen for a set of Goat Head Sole Spikes. Contest ends Wendesday, February 6th.