Sunday, November 18, 2012

Where The Yellowstone Goes

Earlier this year, I had the fortunate experience of crossing paths with the fabulous Sarah Hall Weeks, producer/editor of Where the Yellowstone Goes. I had watched the trailer on YouTube and as a fly fisher and Montana native, was anxiously looking forward to seeing this film. 

This movie covers every emotion one can have: Its fly fishing, its humor, its life, and it captures the beauty and character of Montana like no other film ever has. (Even sexy fly fishing Brad Pitt didn't do that!) WTYG is thought out, easy to follow, and keeps the audience engaged. You'll want to cuddle with Alby, visit the Cake Ladies, and you will definitely want to visit Montana (maybe even stay!). You'll also see the effects of the Exxon Oil Spill and the efforts to clean up the river and sustain life after. 

Where the Yellowstone Goes made me laugh and cry; I felt a kinship with the people in the film and a longing to get back to my Montana roots. And I was more than ready to sell all my belongings and float the Yellowstone and become a trout bum!

Recently, Sarah and her husband, Hunter Weeks, released Where the Yellowstone Goes on iTunes and its been a huge success. A soundtrack has been released as well, and I might end up wearing out the CD!  It's good....all of it! 

If you haven't seen this film, do yourself a huge favor and watch it!  Sarah and Hunter are also the producers of Ride the Divide.  I don't even own a bicycle, but I to wanted to concur the Continental Divide with pedals and two wheels. 

Check out Where the Yellowstone Goes and then head on over to Rods, Reels & Heels on Facebook for information on how to win a copy of the DVD and CD.


  1. Can't wait to give it a watch Bren! Hopefully I win a copy, otherwise I'll definitely get one of my own!!!

  2. Forget Morgan, Send it to Michigan Bren!! LOL, JK Morgan,