Friday, November 29, 2013

A Fly Fisherman's Wish List

As we try to recover from our tryptophan hangovers & search for the best Black Friday deals out there, lets not forget our local shops & small businesses! 

The list is by no means complete, but, in no particular order, here are a handful of gift ideas for the angler in your life:

1. Goat Head Sole Spikes - I still believe these spikes are the #1 item to bring to the river (besides your rod/reel/waders!)  The combo pack is available for $23.95- Much less than a trip to the ER for a busted arm/leg/hip...let alone your ego!

2. Cheeky Fly Fishing Reel -  Besides a cool name, Cheeky Reels come with a sealed drag system & the light weight MAX Arbor on all Cheeky reels reduces line memory & increases line retrieval rates. They also hold about 20% more line than other large arbor reels which, increases line capacity dramatically without compromising arbor. Check 'em out....Cheeky's are cooler than a Bee's Knees. 

3. Nature Boy Designs - Whether you are looking for a stylish & unique dog collar, a sleek custom painted rod tube, or a handy-dandy lanyard, Keith's handmade designs cover a good variety of angler goodness. Personally, I'm a big fan of the 550 Lanyard.

4. Dizm Eyewear - Eyeballs are one of our biggest assets- protect them!!! Dizm not only offers stylish designs, which make it easy to transition from the water to Christmas shopping, to meeting pals for a spiced egg-nog, these shades are 100% renewable, recyclable, biodegradable & compostable plant based material. Its good fish-karma!! 

5. Rep Your Water - Be proud of the state you fish & show it off!  Caps, shirts, buffs..... pick & choose, mix & match!  Besides, 1% of your purchase goes back to the beloved waters we fish in!  I believe that's called a Win-Win.

6. H & H Outfitters - These Oregonians' know how to design shirts! They even thought about the ladies in their designs with specific fits; I wear my 'I <3 Trout" shirt proudly. Don't forget to check out the kids section either, dress your Minnow for success!

7. Blue Halo Gear - Fiberglass custom rod blanks, fly boxes,  fly line & now featuring 2nd generation complete fiberglass rods, Blue Halo knows how to party. All my reels have Blue Halo line & you cant pay me enough to switch. (Also, if anyone wants to by me a Christmas gift-I'm really wanting that 8'6 3/4wt fiberglass rod....) One last thing, the beards on these guys put Duck Dynasty to shame.  Why WOULDN'T you buy from Blue Halo!

8. Redington -  I'm a big fan of this Washington based company; I have a pair of the Willow waders & in 2014 Redington will be releasing another option designed specifically for women. I've been lucky enough to try out a pair, & let me tell you, the Siren's are awesome!  I'm excited to see companies like Redington move forward with women specific gear. I also have a pair of the Convergence Pro Fleece Pants, & after spending long fishy days in the Colorado winter, I would recommend these for any angler.

9. FishCraft Creations - For the lady fisher in your life.  Just because we love spending time in (often times freezing) water, doesn't mean we don't want to look good! Bracelets, necklaces & earrings, made with everyday fishing flies/lures, get her a gift that shows of her passion. She'll love you even more! All items are handmade & I cannot stop ordering things! I love them all!

10. Where the Yellowstone Goes - Still my favorite fish flick out there! Hunter & Sarah Weeks show the importance of freestone rivers & taking care of what we have. Plus, it's filmed in gorgeous country! (Also check out their awesome promotion for a chance to win a Sweetgrass Grass Bamboo Fly Rod.)

11. DONATE!  Regardless of where we fish, how we fish, or what we fish for, conservation of our water is the most important thing.  Make a donation on behalf of your favorite angler: Trout Unlimited, Wild Steelhead Coalition, Project Healing Waters, Casting for Recovery- that's just a short list.....

Happy Holidays to you all!!!!

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